Hey You! I am an Austin based portrait photographer that is mesmerized by the little moments in your life. I am also a lover of dystopian novels, guacamole, all the coffee, teen angst, and the smell of my kids scalp. Weird I know. But now that I've gone there we can be besties. 

I am a social worker by heart and training.  Those therapeutic skills help make our shoot time together super awesome (and by super awesome I mean easy, fun, and obvo, super awesome). They also help me keep up a steady stream of chatter that may be equal parts awkward and entertaining. I am a breeder of two kids and have been engaged and married. So I get how fast life moves, how it can feel like you need to freeze those fleeting moments. Don't worry, I got you.

Snoop around and check out my work. Let me know if you have any questions!

Send me an email, call, or text for questions and availability